A statement Issued by The Investment Dar Re Delisting its Shares in Kuwait Stock Exchange 19 February 2012

19 February 2012

The Investment Dar Co K.S.C.C. issued a statement in which it expressed its astonishment at the announcement of the Capital Markets Authority’s decision to delist the company’s shares in the Kuwait Stock Exchange. The Company said that it had not been informed in advance of any details related to the delisting issue, and that it had fulfilled all filing requirements and submitted some weeks earlier all the relevant information to the regulators in accordance with the court approved restructuring plan.The Investment Dar went on to express its surprise that unlike other listed companies which had been given a grace period to take necessary actions relating to their financial positions, The Investment Dar had not been granted a similar grace period, either now or previously.

The Investment Dar intends to communicate in writing with the Capital Markets Authority in order to clear up the confusion surrounding the reasons for the issuance of the delisting decision while preserving its rights to take the necessary legal actions to protect its rights.