Kuwait Bank and Investor Meeting Held, Implementation of the Plan Discussed ‏Posted on 8th March 2010

08 March 2010

InvestmentDar (“the Company”) and the Coordinating Committee representing the banks andinvestors met today in Kuwait with the banks and investors to update on theprogress of the Restructuring Plan and its key achievements to date, includingthe preparation of all legal documentation and structures, as well as how theplan would be implemented.

As a means of implementing the RestructuringPlan, which has the support of over 80% of TID’s banks and investors, theCoordinating Committee and the Company discussed an option of utilising Kuwait’sFinancial Stability Law.

Since majority agreement to the proposed restructuring plan was secured, asmall minority of investors have continued to resist supporting the plan,which, if implemented, envisages a full repayment of the financial arrangementswith all its banks and investors. The Financial Stability Law provides alegal mechanism which the Company and the Coordinating Committee expect willallow the agreed plan to be implemented, with a stay of legal claims fromdissenting banks and investors which could frustrate the process.

Entry into the Financial Stability Law, which is subject to TID Board approval,will not affect the legal or operational status of Investment Dar, and it willcontinue as a going concern as an investment business with a portfolio of valuegenerating assets across different sectors and markets. Investment Dar wouldnot seek financial support in making its repayments, but a legal frameworkto implement its well supported plan.