Announcement issued by The Investment Dar Company Posted on 8th March 2010

08 March 2010

The Investment Dar Company KSCC , announces that the Kuwaiti Court of the First Instance entered a preliminary judgment declaring the lack of jurisdiction of the said court in the commercial lawsuit filed by The Investment Dar Company against the Commercial Bank of Kuwait for the annulment of the sale of the Boubyan Bank shares owned by Investment Dar.

Investment Dar will appeal this judgment as it is a preliminary (non-final) judgment in its nature to the Appellate Court of Kuwait

Investment Dar further asserts that the trading on the relevant Boubyan Bank shares continues to be halted until the conclusion in the disputed case and the entering of a final and executable judgment in accordance with an earlier ruling No. 1505/2009 by the Appellate Court Unit 3 Urgent Appeals Court and registered under ruling No. 539/2009, which resulted in the halt in trading on 221,425,059 shares (Two hundred and twenty-one million four hundred and twenty-five and Fifty-nine shares) of Boubyan Bank owned by Investment Dar the title of which are temporarily registered under Commercial Bank of Kuwait until such dispute comes to an end through a final and executable ruling by the court.