The Investment Dar (TID) is seeking continuously for investment opportunities in various fields. Therefore, many acquisitions had been accomplised.



Aston Martin

In 2007, TID and its partners led a consortium of British and American investors purchasing the majority shares of the British prestigious cars producing company of Aston Martin from Ford Motor Company. The total value of this high profile transaction was around 500 million sterling pounds, of which 60% was financed through equity contributions and the rest (about 225 million sterling pounds) through a Murabahah facility, arranged by the West LB of London. TID won several international awards appreciating the Aston Martin deal. TID relinquished its shares in Aston Martin in a successful settlement-in-kind transaction in 2013.


Grosvenor House Apartments

In 2006, TID entered the UK markets through acquiring the distinguished real estate of Grosvenor House Apartments on Park Lane in central London via its subsidiary, Park Lane Properties Limited. The deal was the second largest Islamic finance transaction in the UK history, structured in accordance with the Shariah principles and using a series of Murabahah transactions. Grosvenor House Apartments are one of London's most historic buildings, planned to be transformed into a super deluxe apart-hotel. TID sold its shares in GHA in 2012.


Boubyan Bank

TID acquired 20% of Boubyan Bank in 2006, which is one of the first Islamic banks to operate in Kuwait. The bank was established in 2004 and is expected to witness remarkable growth in the promising Islamic banking industry.


Rehal Logistics

In 2005, TID acquired 30% of Rehal Logistics, which owns a stake in Load Air, the first joint stock company in Kuwait licensed for air cargo, and another stake in Gulf Craft Inc, a leading boats and yachts manufacturer with exports to the GCC and MENA regions, Europe, Australia and the US. Rehal specializes in the transportation of liquefied Petroleum Gas and Gasoline in addition to heavy equipment, containers and other types of cargo. The scope of the company's operations includes Kuwait, Iraq, KSA, Bahrain, and the UAE. TID boosted its share in Rehal Logistics to 49%.



In 2005, TID acquired 25.88% of the first Islamic commercial bank in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Bahrain Islamic Bank (BISB). One year later, TID boosted its share in BISB to 40%. Established in 1979, BISB is listed on the Bahrain Stock Exchange and operates under the supervision of the Central Bank of Bahrain. TID sold its shares in BISB in 2012.



In 2004, TID acquired 98% of Credit Rating and Collection Company (CRC). TID shares in CRC reached 85.48% as in 2006. CRC operates in Kuwait and provides international collection services through its membership with American Collectors Association (ACA), Total Credit Management Group (TCM), Finance Credit & International Business (FCIB) and Associated Credit Bureaus INC(ACBI).



In 2004, TID acquired 49.9% of Proman Project Management Company, which manages and coordinates various project development phases, using the state-of-the-art management techniques. The company was founded in Kuwait as a local firm specialized in project and construction management.