Oqyana Real Estate (Oqyana)

Oqyana Real Estate was founded in 2002, under the name of "Demnat Alkhaleej" with a capital of KD 1 million (approximately USD 3 million). In 2005, The Investment Dar Company (TID) and its strategic ally, Efad Group, made one of the largest private placements in the history of Kuwait and the region by increasing the company's capital to KD 250 million (USD 750 million) in record time, changing its name to Oqyana Real Estate Company. Oqyana, an associate of TID, is developing Oqyana-World First on the man-made islands of The World off the coast of Dubai, UAE. The project occupies 19 islands of The World, which correspond to the islands of Australasia (Australia and New Zealand). The first stage management services for Oqyana World First project were handled by Proman Project Management.

Manazel Holding (Manazel)

Manazel Holding evolved from Kuwait and Italy General Contracting Company, established in 1983. In 2005, the company changed to Manazel Holding increasing its capital from KD 20 million (USD 60 million) to KD 65 million (USD 195 million). The issuance was managed by Adam, a major subsidiary of TID. Manazel Holding, an associate of TID, sponsored the residential project of Manazel Housing, which emerged from a strategic partnership among TID, Sawaf Real Estate Company and Najeeb Al-Humaidhi Engineering Consultants, with the support of the Public Authority for Housing Welfare in Kuwait.

Al Dar National Real Estate (ADNC)

In 2004, The Investment Dar Company (TID) restructured Al Dar First Real Estate Company, originally established in 2000, with a capital of KD 1 million (USD 3 million). TID increased the firm's capital to KD 35 million (USD 105 million), transforming it to Al Dar National Real Estate (ADNC). The company is an associate of TID and among its real estate projects is the execution of the 50-floor "Capital Tower", on an area of 6,393 square meters at Sharq Area on the heart of Kuwait City. The Capital Tower is to compromise a massive commercial complex, offices and a luxurious hotel, to be one of Kuwait's landmarks.