The Investment Dar Company (TID) continues to strive for meeting its objectives with the vision to execute strategic planning. The company has set its goals and ambitions ahead of time to be realized.

TID's general plan of major strategic goals and objectives includes:

  • Keeping on regional and international expansion.
  • Forming a series of future strategic alliances with a number of regional and global economic entities.
  • Keeping on enhancing the company's potentials to turn into a multi sector global investment organization.
  • Continuing the company's diversification of risks geographically and by sector both regionally and internationally.
  • Joining government infrastructure projects (Built-Operate-Transfer) projects and focusing on distinguished local and global investment opportunities.


TID’s short to medium term business objectives during the global economic crisis are as  follows:

  • To continue operating and maximizing the value of current assets to the exclusion of participation in new investment opportunities.
  • To obtain the approval for the restructuring plan and to execute it during the coming years in order to meet TID’s financial obligations to all of its banks and investors.