Established in Kuwait in 1994 as a shareholding company, The Investment Dar Company (TID) today is one of the largest Islamic finance organizations in the entire MENA region.

  • The activities of TID and its subsidiaries are carried out in accordance with the noble principles of Islamic Shariah.
  • TID is a holding company with a diversified group of associates and subsidiaries operating in various sectors and geographies.
  • The principal activities of TID include consumer and commercial financing, investment and asset management, real estate development, trading in land and real estate and managing portfolios and investment funds on behalf of third parties.


Ratings & Memberships

  • Capital Intelligence upgraded TID rating from BB- in 1999 to BBB+ in 2007.
  • International Content Rating Association (ICRA) rated TID by A-.
  • TID is the first Islamic finance and investment company to earn the ISO 9001 certificate in1999.
  • In 2005, TID ISO certificate was upgraded to ISO 9001:2000.
  • TID is a member of the International Auditing Accounting Association for Islamic Financial Institutions.
  • The company is also a member of the General Board of Islamic Financial Institutions and Banks.


Major Shareholders

Major shareholders of TID comprise distinguished governmental institutions and elite private corporations including:

  • The Public Institution for Social Security
  • EFAD Group


TID Group

  • Boubyan Bank (Boubyan-Kuwait)
  • Proman Project Management Company (Proman-Kuwait)
  • Rehal Logistics (Rehal-Kuwait)
  • Oqyana Real Estate Company (Oqyana-Kuwait)
  • Manazel Holding (Manazel-Kuwait)
  • Al Dar National Real Estate Company (ADNC-Kuwait)
  • Stehwaz (Kuwait)


Major Subsidiaries

  • Investment Dar Bank (Bahrain)
  • Al Dar Asset Management Company (ADAM-Kuwait)
  • Wared Lease & Finance (Wared-Kuwait)
  • Wethaq Takaful Insurance Company (Wethaq-Kuwait)
  • Credit Rating and Collections Company (crc-Kuwait)


TID Group & Major Subsidiaries Industries

  • Islamic Banking
  • Takaful (Islamic Insurance)
  • Consumer Islamic Finance
  • Investment & Asset Management
  • Real Estate
  • Services: ( Money Collection)
  • Project Management,
  • Logistic Transportation


TID Social Responsibility

TID is fully committed to ensuring the interests of its clients, employees, shareholders and society, through practical practices of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). TID believes in the principles of Sustainable Development and is always keen on basing its decisions on the social consequences of its activities, and not only on profits, dividends or other financial factors. Driven by the noble Islamic teachings and values, TID has always been a source of aid and financial support to various social, humanitarian and charitable activities, locally and internationally, such as aiding the needy people and the victims of wars and natural disasters.

The Investment Dar Company (TID) believes that contributing to the community is what gives an organization its true value. Since its inception, TID became a source of support for various noble causes in the community, such as supporting the needy families through the Zakat House and helping financially troubled debtors. TID also sponsored students and backed the treatment of drugs addiction, as well as supporting the treatment of cancer patients and the kidney treatment project through the Patients Helping Fund. The total value of TID CSR activities in Kuwait only exceeded USD 12 million