Investment Dar is keen to achieve utmost level of the satisfactions with their customers through building a long term and robust trust relationship with the customers. Based on that Investment Dar has established a dedicated unit to deal with customers complaints and work with all diligence for the optimum solutions that serve the interest of their customers. 


The complaint may be submitted in the following ways:


  • By hand to Customer Complaints Unit in Investment Dar company- Head Office.
  • By postal mail, print the complaint form (attached below), fill it, then send it to the following postal mail address:
  •     Complaints Unit

        P.O.Box 5963 Safat 13060


  • By E-Mail, print the complaint form (attached below), fill it, then send it  via the e-mail to the following address:


Complaint Form



  • The response to the complaint will be taking place within 30 business days after receiving the complaint form by the Complaints Unit.
  • All the fields of the form should be filled completely, and the complaint should be written in clear & detailed.